They ‘Look’ Normal – How can ‘he’ be an Abuser?

May 11, 2016 For My Daughter's Sake No comments exist

I’v been involved in the ugly world of

Domestic Abuse, among professing Christians

since 2011.  All the cases that the Lord sends my way,

have 100% been families, that ‘look’ normal on the outside,

but, are living a life that is a fraudulent picture of the truth, inside their closed houses. 

100% of the cases I have met, involve men, usually very respected in their

religious groups/churches, and many are ‘in’ ministry.

They ‘look’ good…but, they are frauds.

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing and they are destroyers,

and the women, and children who live with them, are being destroyed

in more ways than you can imagine.

Some are never hit…but, have been killed for years, by the

tongue, that no man can tame.

Many of these men, abuse their children physically.

Some, sexually.

All, do sexual harm to their wives.

All of them destroy the woman’s personhood.

All of them use the Word of God, to destroy their wives,

and keep them in bondage.

There is great spiritual damage to women found in these marriages.  

People of God must stop pushing these women back into these abusive homes, in the name of ‘covenants’ and ‘marriage is forever.’  People of God, must re-educate themselves, and see that no covenant remains, in the presence of abuse.  Abusers have long broken any covenant that existed.


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