Counsel to Women-Married to Frauds

July 11, 2017 For My Daughter's Sake No comments exist

Not every woman, married a good man.
Not every woman, married a man who was, who ‘he’ said he was.

Some were beguiled by liars, and married frauds; Not good men, with human flaws, with a heart toward God, desiring repentance when they made mistakes, but, evil men, DISGUISED as upright, God fearing, good men, with an intent to control, and put under his subjection, one of God’s most beautiful creation’s…a woman.

All God fearing Christian men and women, should strive to give sound counsel for women caught in these UnGodly marriages…and ‘submission’ to evil men, is NOT sound counsel.

We must expose evil, even when one ‘acting evil’ appears to be ‘acting Christian’ in your presence. (Ephesians 5:11-13)

Believe women, when they tell you, they are married to a ‘striker.’ (I Timothy 3)

Protect those oppressed by evil men and expose, evil men for who they are.

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