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About, For My Daughter's Sake

My Desire is to Help you on this very difficult Journey out from Abuse.  As a mother, who has had a daughter, harmed, not only by an abusive EX husband, but, also by the many others she went to for help, who 'should' have been places of refuge; it is my hearts desire to enlighten, guide, give hope to, and save others from the life altering destruction our daughter, and our family endured because abuse, entered our lives."

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Sadly, it seems the Christian Church of today, is ill equipped to confront abusers, and assist in rescuing those harmed by the abuse.  Misunderstandings of the multitude of Bible verses that reference marriage and male and female relationships as well as the teaching regarding the role of men and women in marriage, traditions and teachings of man regarding patriarchal headship, abuse, separation, and divorce have led to the abused suffering spiritual abuse, after fleeing from their abuser in their attempt to find refuge in the church. 

It is my desire to help guide you and free you from false teaching so that you might be released from the chains of bondage, of the abuser in your life, and from the pharisees who are trying to keep you in bondage to laws, made by man.



"deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage."

- Hebrews 2:15